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 After completing his English Literature (2-1) Degree, Glenn continued his studies at Chichester University where he gained his MA in Creative Writing. Since finishing his studies he continues to write for various publications on a range of issues, including:

Gscene. Gscene is a monthly community LGBT magazine, where Glenn, along with a host of other talented writers, ponder on a variety of themes.

Zhoosh.  Foundered by Susan Luxford 1n 2010, Zhoosh is an online LGBTQ community forum, reflecting and commenting on LGBTQ life in Brighton & Hove 

QueenSpark. QueenSpark books are a non-profit community publishing and Books writing books organisation, based in Brighton and Hove. Their range of publications focus on local people’s lives, building and history of Brighton & Hove. Glenn has contributed to their book, Backstage Brighton, a peek at Brighton’s Theatres, past and present, along with the actors owners and staff who made this place uniquely Brighton.     

Glenn has also been involved in QueenSpark books latest publication centres around Brighton’s Pavilion Gardens Cafe as they celebrate their 70th anniversary, and the wide range of fascinating people who have continued support this Brighton institution.


  1. Great work Glenn. Loving your webpage xx

  2. Seems like you have done well for yourself after uni. So you are from Brighton? Hopefully want to visit, being the gay capital in the UK, would love to go there. Just looking around your blog, enjoying it so far.

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